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Getec Industrial Custom Extruded Aluminum Manufacturer

RoHS Compliant ISO 9001, ISO 9002 AS 9100 certified products

Aluminum Extrusion ISO 9001

Getec Industrial casts all billet in-house from pure aluminum ingot thus controlling all facets of the manufacturing process. Our in-house tooling and die manufacturing division is complete with 15 wire EDM machines and gives us the fastest turnaround time in the industry. We specialize in the production of 3000, 5000, 6000, and 7000 series aluminum alloys, our 9 extrusion presses range in tonnage with diameters of less than 1/32" up to 20". Learn more about our pure aluminum billet casting division.

Aluminum Die Casting ISO 9002

Getec Industrial’s aluminum die casting turnkey services division provides our customers with a lightweight product that can withstand the highest operating temperatures for high yield heat management. We have solutions for all your casting needs.

Aluminum die casting is ideal for a broad range of networking and infrastructure equipment, namely RF filter boxes and housings that require heat dissipation, and provides durability with minimal weight for shields and housings ideal for the LED lighting industry.

Precision CNC Machining ISO 9002

Getec Industrials 50 CNC mills are dedicated to accurate and efficient fabrication offering CNC turning, precision sawing, and screw-machining capabilities. Our technology, coupled with advanced equipment and progressive manufacturing techniques, provides our customers with quick turnaround, short lead-time, and quality parts.

Getec Industrial is dedicated to providing quality parts from prototype to production and has a reputation as a leader in the industry. We have an impressive array of software and computer information equipment. Our fully equipped quality control department includes state of the art CMMs to ensure the highest standards of quality of our CNC operations. Learn more about our aluminum die casting turnkey services.

Metal Stamping ISO 9002

We have over 120 presses with a capacity of up to 200 tons. We are a leading supplier of sheet metal products to industry leaders in the electronic, computer, building and construction, automotive, and a variety of other industries.

We provide our customers with precision, close tolerance parts and components for custom metal stamping using a multitude of materials and specifications. Our assemblies range in size and cover a wide variety of shapes including flat areas, bends, holes, slots, brackets, EMI shields, clamps, folded fin designs, and screens. Find out more about our precision metal stamping services.

RoHS Compliant Plating ISO 9002

Getec Industrial offers a full line of metal finishing services at our state-of-the-art plating facility. Services we offer include different types of finishes to RoHS compliant plating, powder coating, painting, texture painting and silkscreening. Getec is truly your one-stop shop.

Assembly and Packaging ISO 9002

Getec Industrial provides specialized, mechanical sub-assembly of machined parts, castings, stampings, extruded aluminum, and components such as hardware installation. We can assemble your sub components to help you keep the entire cost of your sub-assembly at a minimum.

We also provide packaging solutions for your products so they arrive on your dock pre-packaged and ready to go to.