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At Getec Industrials, we take both our clients and our product seriously. That is why we took steps to become a RoHS compliant plating aluminum company when we first began in the industry. Now, we are pleased to announce our Aluminum Billet Casting Division.

Using Pure Aluminum Ingot as a RoHS Compliant Plating Aluminum Company

This division serves as an example of our unique approach to the industry and a main element to our extruded aluminum product line. Many use a mix ingot to scraps in the billet products they produce whereas we are a specialized company and our applications are superior, increasing the thermal performance of our heat sink product line. Getec Industrial casts all billet from pure aluminum ingot. In heat sink turnkey manufacturing, our company promises the highest of quality.

Top Quality Thermal Management Solutions Company

As a thermal management solutions company we have a high standard for excellence and take our product performance seriously. Our products provide superior thermal conductivity than any found elsewhere. As there is an advantage to using superior raw materials to create the product, because the initial materials that were used were of high quality, the product is then superior. An example of this would be our turnkey aluminum profile extrusion line.

The Getec Advantage in Turnkey Aluminum Manufacturing

Many companies require customers purchase a higher measure of aluminum billet, while Getec Industrial chooses to cater to those who want to purchase a quantity of aluminum billet under 6000 metric tons. As a thermal management company, the launch of the Aluminum Billet Casting Division means that we can keep up our goal of being able to provide many different products. Opening this facility means that we can continue with this goal firmly in hand and provide quality billet. In the area of turnkey aluminum manufacturing, this new facility was greatly needed to increase the performance of our products in this particular product line.

We will continue to go the extra length for our customers, providing products that give ideal thermal performance with the greatest efficiency, producing products that outperform all of our competitors.