Heat Sinks

Getec Provides a Full Line of Turnkey Heat Sink Manufacturing Services

Getec Industrial is your one-stop-shop for turnkey heat sink manufacturing services. We have been supplying heat sinks and other thermal management solutions to the semiconductor, power supply manufacturing, LED lighting, amplifier, and IT hardware industries since the late 90’s.

Passive extruded heat sink

From the pure aluminum ingot that we use for our premium billet casting, to our aluminum extrusion process, we create aluminum extrusion heat sink profiles, to provide custom thermal product solutions that will meet your specific requirements.

High Aspect Ratio Extruded Heat sink

We can deliver heat sink extrusion designs with high fin-to-gap ratios, up to 35:1 consistently as well as in a variety of heat sink designs such as folded fin, crosscut, custom machined and much more.

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20" Precision Heatsinks

20” Custom Precision Heat Sinks

Because we deliver custom heat pipe bending services, we use a 20″ extrusion press, and as a result we can produce larger sized custom heat sinks for a wide range of applications.

20” extruded aluminum heat sink

Getec also provides stir welding services for your cold plate and heat sink designs. Stir welding allows you to join smaller heat sinks together to produce a larger overall product.

This example shows an extruded aluminum heat sink that has received value added machining to mount electronic components with different needs to this one heat sink.

20” extruded aluminum heat sink with value added machining

This extruded aluminum heat sink design also has value added machining.

This is the same 20” precision heat sink design in the final stage after the RoHS-compliant finish has been applied to it.

20” extruded aluminum heat sink with RoHS compliant finish

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Custom Aluminum Extruded

Custom Aluminum Extruded Heat Sinks

Aluminum extruded heat sinks are the most cost-effective solution for most electronic cooling applications. As extruded aluminum manufacturers, Getec customizes your heat sink design and extrusion profile to specifically fit your needs.

Extruded aluminum heatsinks are ideally suited for high volume productions. Additionally, when limited secondary processing is needed, extrusions can be a more cost-effective production option.

Custom Solutions

As extruded aluminum manufacturers, Getec designs and manufactures custom heat sinks and specific thermal solutions. We provide tailored thermal management solutions that are optimized for each particular application. We will work with you throughout the development process to meet your cost and performance requirements.

Die Cast

Die Casting is optimal for high volume heatsink production in high power applications where component weight is not critical.

Die cast heat sink design

Getec uses in-house technologies, die cast prototypes, and as a result, rapid tooling can be completed without investing in hard tooling. We offer many options for casting such as gravity, die, and forging. Give us a call at 888-999-8499 to get the specific details.

Thin Fin Extrusions

When looking for passive thermal solutions to remove heat from a small area to another area, a thin-fin extrusion might be the answer. Thin Fin Extrusions provide an ideal combination of small package volumes and large surface areas for optimal cooling performance, and are often used in conjunction with heat pipes.

Thin fin extruded heat sink designThin fin extruded heat sink design
High Aspect Ratio Aluminum Extrusions

Extruded aluminum heatsinks are the most common thermal management approach to address heat transfer in electronics. Most extruded aluminum heat sink manufacturers produce “commodity” products with less than 6:1 aspect ratio. Getec specializes in delivering high aspect ratio aluminum extrusion heat sinks with achievable aspect ratios starting at 20:1 and ranging beyond 30:1.

Our use of premium-grade aluminum billet allows us to achieve high aspect ratios that our competitors simply cannot match, making Getec your specialty thermal management solution provider that goes beyond the standard “commodity” heat sink.

High Aspect Ratio Extruded Heat sinkHigh Aspect Ratio Extruded Heat sink
Stamped Fin

Getec produces stamped fin heatsinks from sheets of aluminum or copper, stamping them into a broad range of geometries and thicknesses based on the intended application for the heat sink.

Stamped fin heat sink designStamped fin heat sink design

This flexible design is optimal for medium to high volume programs. Getec’s stamped fin technology offers an economical approach for producing high efficiency, lightweight heatsinks in small package sizes.

When used in conjunction with heat pipes, stamped fin heat sinks provide a superior thermal management solution for heat dissipation in electronic devices.

Bonded Fin

These heat sink designs feature higher fins attached by a thermal medium to the base for heat dissipation.

Bonded fin heat sink design

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Machined Aluminum Heat Sinks

Machined Aluminum Heat Sink Manufacturers

Most heat sinks require secondary processing (post production) and need to be cut and pressed. This typically includes machining of some sort. Because Getec can produce machined heat sinks from a solid hunk of aluminum, we can create complex shapes (geometries) that provide superior heat transfer in electronics.

Precision machined extruded heat sinkPrecision machined extruded heat sink

For most companies, machined heat sinks are costly and take a long time to produce, but because Getec is an aluminum extrusion manufacturer, we have considerable resources available for rapid prototyping and production. This allows us to create custom designed thermal management solutions for your specialized needs at a better price than our competition. This includes work for short run projects that many of our competitors will not even think about taking on.

Passive heat sink design with value added machining

Take Advantage of Getec’s Precision CNC Machining for Aluminum Heat Sinks Today

As one of North America’s leading aluminum extrusion manufacturers, our machined aluminum heat sink designs are perfect for your specialized needs. Please complete our simple online contact form, call us at 888-999-8499, or email us at sales@getecna.com to get more information.

Impact Extrusion

Impact Aluminum Extrusion Heat Sinks

Our impact aluminum extrusion heat sinks use a large, high-tech vertical extrusion press to produce them. This method, also known as precision forging, allows us to create complex aluminum extrusion profiles that no other company can replicate.

Impact heat sink designs

Precision forging uses special open die tooling and intense pressure to form thin-sectioned, high precision heatsinks. This allows us to achieve high aspect ratios with the ability to accommodate fin thicknesses as thin as 0.020” and fin heights over 1” tall for the same base size. Copper inserts may be incorporated into the base for more effective heat spreading.

We have over 20 years of experience with forged heat sinks and use premium grade aluminum billet cast in our own facility. This allows us to create aluminum shapes that our competition–who uses commercial grade aluminum billet–can’t match. When we put these custom aluminum profiles to work, they create superior quality impact extrusion heat sinks that meet your precise requirements.

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Fan Sinks

Fan Sinks

Getec produces active heat sinks that include fans that work in conjunction with the heat sink in applications such as microprocessors where managing the heat transfer in the electronics is critical to prevent damage to the delicate components.

Active heat sink designs with fans

Getec prolongs the life of your electronic equipment products through innovative active thermal management solutions.

Active heat sink design with fan

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Heat Pipes

Heat Pipes

Getec has custom heat pipe bending equipment that allows us to bend our heat pipe into precise configurations that match your application and specifications as part of the overall thermal management solution.

Custom Heat Pipe BendingCustom Heat Pipe Bending

Heat pipes are a central component in many thermal management solutions, often used in conjunction with stamped fin heat sinks and many others.

Custom Heat Pipe Bending

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Extruded Aluminum Power Supplies

Extruded Aluminum Power Supplies

Extruded aluminum power supplies are becoming more common as desktop computers and other devices are looking for ways to manage heat transfer in electronics. An extruded aluminum power supply features fins in the design to help radiate heat away from the sensitive electronic components within.

Extruded aluminum power supply housing renderingExtruded aluminum housing

Getec provides superior extruded aluminum power supply designs based on our years of experience providing heat management solutions for many different industries. Our dedicated aluminum extrusion services gives Getec the flexibility to provide superior extruded aluminum shapes that would meet your specific power supply needs.

Extruded aluminum housingExtruded aluminum housing
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