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Getec Industrial is one of North America's leading aluminum extrusion manufacturers and heat pipe manufacturers, providing turnkey manufacturing and operating on a global level. We provide up-to-date industry news.

The Different Types of Aluminum Extrusion Dies

An extrusion die can be made to form nearly any shape you design. A die is a round piece of steel plate with one or more openings through which a softened metal is pressed. The die opening is shaped to form the finished product, by forcing the alloy through the die opening.

Though broadly grouped as solid dies (producing solid shapes) and hollow dies (producing hollow or semi-hollow shapes), there are actually a number of combinations in which solid, semi-hollow and/or hollow shapes may be combined to make single die that can be used to form more than one product per pressing.

A solid die will have one or more cut openings for extrusion. Each aperture will result in a separate, solid, extrusion from the die. It should be noted that with the use of a mandrel, a solid die may produce a hollow profile.

A semi-hollow die will extrude a nearly hollow shape, partially enclosing the hollow area with a gap from the tongue connecting to the die body.

A hollow die may take many forms some with a fixed stub mandrel others without. Each style has advantages and disadvantages but each serves a distinct purpose to create the desired profile.

For the optimal quality/cost performance, the aluminum extrusion die maker, extruder and purchaser must each understand the goals of the other and work together.

Benefits of Using Aluminum Extrusion Suppliers Vs. Competing Metals

Aluminum has competed against roll formed steel and copper extrusions with many benefits over the two metals. Getec Industrials has provided an extensive list of benefits, giving equal measure to each. This shows how each metal has a particular strength over the others listed.

The list includes items following the properties of each metal. Properties are important in the application concept for metals because of their use. This could include conductivity, corrosion resistance, and energy savings.

Getec Industrials provides turnkey manufacturing and products as aluminum extrusion suppliers and manufacturers. Many of their services are in-house and include the latest technology, experienced engineers, and service that provides you with expertise from concept to finished product.

The # 1 Way Heat Pipe Manufacturers Benefit Businesses

A heat pipe is known to manage heat transfer in its applications. In a recent article in Energy Live News, a heat pipe has helped a gas power plant to cut about 300,000 tons of CO2 per year. This news was unveiled after the new Isle of Grain power station in Kent discovered the heat pipe cuts so much gas each year.

The addition of the heat pipe has been approved by Ed Davey, Energy Secretary, as part of a response to the global awareness to reduce emissions as well as the nationwide effort to power the economy. In the article, the heat pipe is said to save gas powered by 100,000 houses and reduces carbon emissions to equal 60,000 cars being taken off the road. This, according to Ed Davey in an article in Utility Week, is how the UK’s reduction of carbon emissions will make “a big and lasting difference.”

This incredible effort is the result of heat pipe manufacturers collaborating with the plant to provide solutions for energy challenges that present themselves. With the introduction of new technology, heat pipe manufacturers have the ability to create efficient power nationally and abroad.

The Indefinite Aluminum Extrusion Manufacturer Guide to Extruded Aluminum Terms

As an aluminum extrusion manufacturer, we have put together a glossary of terms. This indefinite guide contains terms for you to learn more about the process of aluminum extrusion. The manufacturing process we perform meets the most stringent industry standards.

We provide the turnkey manufacturing you need to take your projects from beginning to finished product. Aluminum is playing a major role in the reduction of hazardous environmental effects that industrial development can contribute.

According to the Aluminum Extruders Council, aluminum production is represented in 35% of recycling and saves us from using additional crude oil, fresh or sea water, and CO2 equivalents. As a leading global aluminum extrusion manufacturer, we also provide a benefits chart for you to see how time and cost effective aluminum is for your project.

Turnkey Manufacturing for Packaging Services

Following an article on Packaging Digest, American manufacturing businesses demand turnkey solutions for packaging. Assemblies Unlimited shares a report that shows the increase for outsourcing.

There's several advantages to outsourcing packaging, according to Randy Shaw, owner and CEO of Assemblies Unlimited. In the article, he states that some benefits include saving the business money while still delivering quality. In addition, outsourcing packaging allows a business to focus on their core competencies like product innovation, customer service, marketing and sales.

Getec Industrials provides turnkey manufacturing that includes assembly and packaging. Our solutions meet ISO 9002 standards.

Effective Thermal Management Solutions Start In the Design Process

At Getec Industrials, we've always built a quality product in the design process so we agreed with a recent article in Power Electronics Technology. In the design process, so many factors are taken into consideration before producing the product for testing. Some include flow analysis and energy conservation. These goals are among the additional factors that go into creating a quality, finished product. Having effective thermal management solutions that pass the test of time and provide a cost-effective product is essential.

Aluminum Extrusion Manufacturers Gather for Aluminum Week

This year's Aluminum Week is scheduled for October 15-18 in Chicago, Illinois at the Renaissance Downtown Chicago. According to the latest release on Thomas Net, the event covers various areas in the industry with insights for future market growth, manufacturing, and policies. The Aluminum Association, Aluminum Extruders Council, and Aluminum Anodizers Council are hosting the event. Aluminum extrusion manufacturers who gather for this annual conference, will examine what's on the road ahead for the aluminum industry.

New Tools for Aluminum Extrusion Manufacturers, Designers and Engineers

The Aluminum Extruders Council (AEC) announced they have uncovered the latest resources for the industry. These include information about applications, technical, process details, sustainability, and more. With the new website, industry professionals can find what they need.

As aluminum extrusion manufacturers, Getec keeps up with industry news and information. We provide turnkey extruded aluminum products.

Benefits of Using Aluminum Extrusion Heat Sinks

Compared to other metals, aluminum has many positive aspects. A lower price is one of the most attractive benefits that aluminum offers. Our extruded aluminum heat sinks are versatile and used for a wide range of industries. View our list of thirty ways that aluminum is more worthwhile to use than other metals.

Increasing "Green" Soda Cans

In a recent New York Times article, Novelis, an American supplier of aluminum sheets, set a goal to make cans out of a single alloy. Their aim is to use recycled materials. This challenge was presented after difficulty recycling cans because they're made with two kinds of aluminum. With changes in the can, they're looking for ways to still provide low cost cans.

In standard aluminum extrusions, the advantages are simple. First, the process of extrusion is economical. Second, the properties of aluminum outweigh other materials. Extruded aluminum saves your business money because of the value added to the project.

RoHS Compliant Plating

"RoHS stands for the Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment," according to the National Measurement Office for the Department of Business Innovation & Skills. Following these regulations, Getec Industrial provides quality products and services for RoHS compliant plating.

Aluminum Die Casting Versus Competing Metals

Wondering whether to choose extruded aluminum products or competing metals? If you need high performance custom shapes, aluminum die casting provides several benefits with metal qualities as compared to steel and copper. Besides offering cost savings, the strength, density, and corrosion resistance outweighs the properties of steel and copper. For an in-depth comparison, view a metals comparison from

30 Benefits to Using Extruded Aluminum Manufacturers

Aluminum extrusion profiles provide benefits that make it the metal choice for many companies. With reliability and cost efficiency, aluminum has over thirty benefits that accompany this metal for use in projects. From corrosion resistance, lightweight design, and recyclable qualities, using extruded aluminum manufacturers for building, construction, products, or even consumer goods is a good choice, according to the Aluminum Extruders Council(AEC).

Could an Extruded Aluminum Heat Sink Have Prevented the Japan Nuclear Power Plant Disaster?

It is true, says Kenichi Ohmae, a doctorate and nuclear core designer, on The Christian Science Monitor. Ohmae investigated the Fukushima accident and concluded that it "could have been avoided if the plant had the capacity for electricity generation along with the right heat sink." Ohmae continues to say that a nuclear reactor requires a cold shutdown, requiring electricity and heat sinks.

Getec Industrial offers a full line of high aspect ratio extruded aluminum heat sinks.

How Heat Pipe Manufacturers Harvest Thermal Energy from the Ocean

Popular Science published an article on building a pipe under the sea for ocean thermal energy conversion. Rebecca Boyle interviewed Laurie Meyer, chief technologist for OTEC at Lockheed Martin. "The manufacturing process," according to Boyle, "is vacuum-assisted resin transfer moulding." Lockheed developed a way to turn the process vertically with the ultimate goal to assist tropical communities.

Getec Industrial's specialties as heat pipe manufacturers include applications for the semiconductor industry, power supply, LED lighting, and amplifiers.