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Full Line of Turnkey Heat Sink Manufacturing and Services

Getec Industrial provides a full line of turnkey heat sink manufacturing services and technical information services designed to provide complete thermal management solutions to our customers. Typical applications include the semiconductor industry, power supply modules, LED lighting and amplifiers.

Thermal Solutions

The Physical Effects

To make it simple, a heatsink is nothing else then a strangely formed piece of metal. How does it dissipate the heat generated by the CPU?

Well, there are three ways how an object can get rid of heat: Radiation, conduction, and convection.

Radiation, as the name suggests, means that the heat is simply radiated away from the object, through electromagnetic radiation (photon transport). This effect is not bound to gas or other substances surrounding the heatsink. Radiation will even take place in a vacuum. How well an object can radiate heat depends on the material and the color (black is best).

Conduction is the exchange of kinetic energy between molecules. Less energetic (lower temperature) particles gain kinetic energy by colliding with more energetic particles (through physical contact). Since direct contact is required, a heatsink (surrounded by air) cannot get rid of heat using conduction. However, conduction is the effect that's responsible for the heat transfer from the CPU to the heatsink.

Convection is heat transfer by movement of a heated substance (gas or liquid). This means that the heat is transferred to the molecules of the gas (or liquid) surrounding the hot object, and then transported away through movement of molecules. If the gas or liquid around the object is forced into movement (e.g. by a fan blowing air across a heatsink), then we're dealing with forced convection

Contact Getec for Custom Heat Sink Manufacturing

Getec provides turnkey product implementation for custom heat sink manufacturing. Our over 30 years of experience has met the challenges of thermal solutions across a wide variety of industries.

One of our expert sales team members is glad to talk with you about your application and learn more about how our products and manufacturing experience meets your needs. Call us at 888-999-8499 or fill out the contact form for a quote.