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Types of Thermal Management Solutions: Heat Pipes

In this post, we continue our series on thermal management solutions, how they work, and their advantages and disadvantages. This month, we’re focusing on the thermal management solution used in heat pipe turnkey manufacturing: fluid phase change.   Fluid Phase Change – Recirculating Heat Pipes Heat pipes are one of the most common choices for [&hellip.... read more »

Aluminum Alloys for Extruded Aluminum Heat Sink Manufacturing

With seven grades of aluminum on the market and countless varying alloys, choosing a material for custom heat sinks can be a daunting task. Here are summaries of three common aluminum heat sink materials:   Aluminum Alloy 1050 Aluminum alloy 1050 is the most common choices for aluminum extrusion heat sink turnkey services. The 1xxx [&hellip.... read more »

Types of Thermal Management Solutions: Heat Sinks

Finding the right thermal management solutions is a crucial step in electronics manufacturing. In this series, we will examine three approaches to thermal management, how they work, and their benefits and drawbacks. This month, we draw our attention to two thermal management solutions used in heat sinks: natural conduction and forced convection. Natural Conduction – [&hellip.... read more »

Materials Guide for Heat Sink Manufacturing

Material is one of the most important factors in heat sink efficiency, and a custom heat sink company has many materials to choose from. In this post, we compare four materials you may be considering for your heat sink manufacturing:   Aluminum With a thermal conductivity of 205 W/mK, aluminum is the most common material [&hellip.... read more »

Aluminum Heat Pipe vs. Extruded Aluminum Heat Sink Manufacturing

Heat sinks are a vital component of modern manufacturing and are used in a variety of products such as smartphones, computers, LED lights, refrigerators, and power resistors. In its most general definition, a heat sink is any object used to transfer heat away from a heat-generating component. There are many types of heat sinks, including [&hellip.... read more »

What You Should Know About Aluminum Heat Pipe Design and Technology

Heat pipe turnkey manufacturing can be a complicated process, but it is the key to many thermal management solutions. Here are four design considerations to keep in mind for aluminum heat pipe design and technology.   Size The length and diameter of a heat pipe is one of the most important factors in thermal management [&hellip.... read more »

Benefits of Custom Aluminum Metal Stamping Services

Metal stamping is the process of shaping sheet metal using a high tonnage press and stamping die. Aluminum metal stamping is widely used in the electronics, automotive, food and beverage, and construction industries due to these benefits:     Cost One of the greatest benefits to aluminum metal stamping is its low price tag. Metal [&hellip.... read more »

Top Aluminum Extrusion Design Considerations

This month, we’re focusing on important design considerations for some of the most common thermal management solutions. Here are four crucial design considerations for an aluminum extrusion design services company.   Wall Thickness Aluminum extrusion companies must balance material costs with structural strength. Manufacturers can vary wall thickness to address these concerns for certain extrusions. [&hellip.... read more »

History of Aluminum Extrusion Design

Today, aluminum extrusion services for thermal management are a critical aspect of manufacturing. But the process of aluminum extrusion design and production took over 100 years to develop into the significant industry it is today. The history of aluminum extrusion began in 1795 when English inventor Joseph Bramah patented his design for a manually powered [&hellip.... read more »

Thermal Management Solutions for LEDs

Over 65% of the electrical power in an LED light is converted into heat. Heat sink turnkey manufacturing is one of the most efficient ways to cool LED lights. But which method and material should you use for your LED heat sink? Injection-Molded Thermoplastics and Molded Graphite Injection-molded thermoplastics and molded graphite heat sinks are [&hellip.... read more »