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Getec Industrial: Aluminum Extrusion Division

RoHS Compliant, ISO 9001, ISO 9002 AS 9100 certified products

Getec Industrial provides a full line of turnkey extruded aluminum services and products, including high performance heat sinks, thermal management solutions services, and custom shapes. Our in-house tooling and die division features 16 wire CNC EDM machines that interface with the latest CAD/CAM engineering software to ensure our customers with the highest standard of quality control and assurance as well as the fastest lead-times in the business. From the inception of your extrusion design to the finished and completed turnkey product, our team offers expertise on everything from cost saving ideas to increased thermal performance of your product design.

We Specialize In Aluminum Extrusion Design and Manufacturing Services

We specialize in aluminum production of 3000, 5000, 6000, 7000 series aluminum alloys, our 9 extrusion presses range in tonnage with diameters of less than 1/32" up to 20".

Our aluminum extrusion design and turnkey manufacturing services produces products of superior quality control. Nobody does it better than Getec Industrial. We are committed to excellence in our products, our services and to total customer satisfaction.

Custom Aluminum Extrusion Manufacturer

Our press technology allows us to extrude tubing to the smallest specifications. How small can we go? Contact us and find out!