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Getec Industrial: Aluminum Extrusion Division

RoHS Compliant, ISO 9001, ISO 9002 AS 9100 certified products

Getec Industrial provides a full line of turnkey extruded aluminum services and products, including high performance heat sinks, thermal management solutions services, and custom shapes. Our in-house tooling and die division features 16 wire CNC EDM machines that interface with the latest CAD/CAM engineering software to ensure our customers with the highest standard of quality control and assurance as well as the fastest lead-times in the business. From the inception of your extrusion design to the finished and completed turnkey product, our team offers expertise on everything from cost saving ideas to increased thermal performance of your product design.

When it comes to being a leading North America extruded aluminum housing company and providing aluminum extrusion profiles services, Getec delivers services for companies across the globe. As aluminum extrusion suppliers, we consistently deliver quality products within our scope of manufacturing. It is our goal to focus on excellence for our customers.

Aluminum Vs. Competing Metals




Aluminum Extrusions



Roll Formed Steel



Copper Extrusions

(Deoxided; Low Phosphorus)

Strength (Tensile)
Very good mechanical properties
Very high mechanical properties
Average to low mechanical properties
Lightweight; about 1/3 that of copper or steel
High density; high pounds per cubic foot
About three times heavier than aluminum
Strength to Weight Ratio
Very Good
Corrosion Resistance
Excellent; it can be further increased, along with enhanced appearance, through anodizing or other coatings
Poor; usually requires protective coatings for corrosion service
Easily formable and extruded in a wide variety of complex shapes including multi-void hollows. Formable to net shapes, and extrusions provide for the placement of metal where it's needed
Readily formable; thinner cross-sections than aluminum extrusions metal cannot always be located where best used in design
Excellent formability and easily extrudable. Formable to net shapes
Electrical Conductivity
Excellent; on a pound for pound basis, twice as efficient as copper, used in bus bar and electric connector applications
Poor cannot usually be used as an electrical conductor
Excellent electrical conductivity
Thermal Conductivity
Excellent; ideal for heat exchanger applications
Poor cannot usually be used as a heat exchanger
Excellent thermal conductivity, second only to silver in industrial applications
A near limitless array of finishes can be applied including mechanical and chemical prefinishes, anodic coatings, paints and electroplated finishes
Protective coatings such as paint finishes are employed along w with electroplated finishes
A variety of coatings and platings can be employed
High scrap value; routinely reprocessed to generate new extrusions
Low scrap value
Very high scrap value
Tooling Economics
Extrusion tooling is relatively inexpensive. Generally, a simple shape will cost only a few hundred dollars. Short lead times for tooling construction
Typical tooling costs are thousands of dollars. Long lead times are required
Inexpensive tooling costs for extrusions
Energy Savings
Lightweight aluminum extrusions can offer energy savings for transportation vehicles
Lifetime energy requirements for wrought steel vehicle components are twice those for aluminum components
In transportation vehicles, copper is less energy-efficient than aluminum
Noncombustible; does not emit any toxic fumes when exposed to high temperatures
Noncombustible; does not emit any toxic fumes when exposed to high temperatures
Noncombustible; does not emit any toxic fumes when exposed to high temperatures